Photo Shader Updated for Windows Phone 8!

The pixel-shader inspired photo editing app, Photo Shader, has been updated with support for Windows Phone 8!

The update brings a redesigned interface, built to be much faster and more intuitive, now with support for pinch to zoom and landscape editing. Support for all three Windows Phone resolutions is also included. Rich Media support has been added, allowing you to edit a previously saved photo and change its effects from the Photos hub!

As always, there are over 40 stackable effects and adjustments in Photo Shader, with new effects being added in each and every (very frequent) update. Each effect can be undone, and drawn/erased at your leisure. The app takes advantage of Windows Phone 8’s dual-core CPUs, leading to a much faster experience.

For those of you on older devices, the WP7 version will continue to be supported for as long as feasibly possible. Both the WP7 and WP8 versions are being developed concurrently, sharing the mostly same code, and will be updated simultaneously with WP7 getting all of the effects and most of the features of the WP8 version.
Running for 99c with a free trial for one of the better photo editing apps in the Windows Phone Store, Photo Shader is a steal. Grab it here!


About ryken100

I am a college student, a Windows Phone enthusiast and start-up developer, and soon to be a Windows 8 developer. Though school is kind of hard, I've just published the first real app I've ever made to the Windows Phone Store and I'm hoping to publish lots more.
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