Photo Shader updated with the ability to save full-resolution photos on WP8!

Photo Shader, the pixel shader inspired photo editor for Windows Phone, has just been updated to version 2.2!

With this update, many of the effects now use multi-threading on WP8, taking full advantage of both CPU cores in your new device and improving rendering times over the previous version significantly. With the improved performance, and some memory saving techniques, Photo Shader can now save photos in their full resolution!

Five new effects have been added with this update, and new effects are guaranteed to be added with each and every update! All of the previous features are still there, such as the easy to use interface, drawing and erasing effects, adding and removing effects from a photo that as already been saved, the live tile, etc.!

For those of you on older devices, don’t worry, the WP7 version will be be updated along side the WP8 version indefinitely. The WP7 version will receive all of the effects, and most of the features of the WP8 version!

At 99c with a free trial, this is definitely a steal for one of the best photo editors on Windows Phone! Grab it here, on the Windows Phone Store!



About ryken100

I am a college student, a Windows Phone enthusiast and start-up developer, and soon to be a Windows 8 developer. Though school is kind of hard, I've just published the first real app I've ever made to the Windows Phone Store and I'm hoping to publish lots more.
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