Here are my answers to the questions of the quiz:
1.What are the titles of each Pillar?

Make it Interesting and Make Sure it Happens
Scratch an Itch
Minimize How Many Times You Have to Reinvent The Wheel
Solve Problems Through Parallel Work Processes Whenever Possible
Leverage the Law of Large Numbers
Document What You Do
Release Early and Release Often
Talk a Lot

2.What are the titles of each General Principle?

Open exchange
Rapid Prototyping

3.What are the similarities between Weber’s eight principles, and the five pillars?

The most notable similarity between the two is the encouragement to form a community of contributors, let as many people test in as many situations as possible, to generate more bugs, and in turn generate more solutions. Collaborate, communicate, share ideas.

4.What are the differences?

The General Principles focuses a little more on general community skills, while the Five Pillars focuses a little more on interpersonal skills. For instance, the General Principles talks about documenting what you do, and releasing builds and code frequently. On the other hand, the Five Pillars speaks more about collaboration, sharing ideas, and other ways you can interact with people in the community.


About ryken100

I am a college student, a Windows Phone enthusiast and start-up developer, and soon to be a Windows 8 developer. Though school is kind of hard, I've just published the first real app I've ever made to the Windows Phone Store and I'm hoping to publish lots more.
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