Hi there,

So, I will probably never use this blog to post stuff about my apps again, since that was mostly for compatibility with WMPowerUser, and I’m hoping that no one actually pays attention to this blog.

Anyway, detailing what I went through to complete the First Flight assignment, I first downloaded mIRC and logged in to the class group as “ryken100.” Then I went to GitHub, created a fork of the project linked in the First Flight details, created a .yaml file with my info in the people folder, and submitted a pull request. I got a notification that I needed to remove the last empty line in the .yaml file before it could be pulled, but I didn’t notice that until it was probably too late.

Aaaand, I think that’s it. That’s all there was to it, really.


About ryken100

I am a college student, a Windows Phone enthusiast and start-up developer, and soon to be a Windows 8 developer. Though school is kind of hard, I've just published the first real app I've ever made to the Windows Phone Store and I'm hoping to publish lots more.
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