Project Proposal 2

Team Members:

Christopher Blackman (Ryken100)

Zohran Lakdawala (noctist)


An addition-based board game to be played on the XO laptops


A board game with numbers in each space, when the player moves into that space they have to move that number of spaces in that direction. They must think about the positioning of the numbers on the board to reach the goal on the board.


I will be handing making the basic engine, while Zohran will be handling the level design and the simpler stuff that will run on top oaf the engine.

Upstream Mentors:

Likely to be Fossbox

Easy Parts:

The art assets and creating a basic code to handle a board game.

Hard Parts:

The level design, because math.

Overcoming them:

Meeting a lot and talking it through, working hard and constantly thinking about it. Having no life.


About ryken100

I am a college student, a Windows Phone enthusiast and start-up developer, and soon to be a Windows 8 developer. Though school is kind of hard, I've just published the first real app I've ever made to the Windows Phone Store and I'm hoping to publish lots more.
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